The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues текст песни

[Verse 1]
Take you like a drug
Taste you on my tongue
Ask me what I\'m thinking about
I\'ll tell you that I\'m thinking about
Whatever you\'re thinking about
Ask me something that I won\'t forget
But you won\'t have to tell me again
It\'s crazy what you do for fame

Go ahead and cry little girl
Nobody does it like you do
I know how much it matters to you
I know that you got daddy issues
[And] If you were my little girl
I’d do whatever I could do
I love it when I’m high with you
I love that you got daddy issues
And I do too

[Verse 2]
I try to write your name in the rain
But the rain never came
So I made this song
The shame, always comes at the worst time
Ask me what I’m thinking about
I’ll tell you that i’m thinking about
Whatever you’re thinking about
So what [are] you thinking that i’m running from
Tell me something you won’t forget
But you might have to tell me again
Its crazy what you do for fame


[Verse 3]
I keep on trying to let you go
Not even let you know
How i’m getting on
I wasn’t sad when you left at first
But now that you did it hurts
This time i gotta know
Where did my daddy go?
I’m not entirely here
Half of me has disappeared

[Chorus v2]
Go ahead and cry little boy
You know that your daddy did too
You know you gotta let it out soon
Gotta let it out soon
Let it out soon

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